Using Hopium without Centralized Exchanges

You don't need an account with GDCC’s centralized exchange to start using Hopium!

GDCC Bridge may be the easiest bridge to use for moving assets onto GDCC Chain .

In the following example, we'll show you how to move CoinA from Coin B blockchain to GDCC using GDCC Bridge.

The process is about the same for moving from Ethereum to GDCC.

  1. Prepare your Metamask wallet with CoinA and some CoinB for gas.

  2. Since GDCC Bridge only supports MetaMask and Binance Chain Wallet. If you are using other wallet apps, we recommend you to import your wallet into MetaMask.

  3. Connect your MetaMask or GDCC Chain wallet.

  4. Select ETH Network as "From", BNB Smart Chain or GDCC Chain Network as "To". Then type in the amount of CoinA you want to transfer.

  5. Double check the “Destination” field is showing the correct GDCC Chain wallet address you’ve connected.

  6. Make sure everything is correct, click “Next”.

  7. Finally, please follow the on-screen instruction, use your blockchain wallet (in this case, Metamask wallet) and send funds to the given address. Please make sure:

    1. The address is correct.

    2. Complete in one single transaction.

  8. Once you complete the transaction. You should receive your fund in GDCC Chain wallet in a few minutes. After that, you can start using Hopium to swap some tokens on Gdcc Chain!

Additionally, you can check out this user guide and video tutorial from GDCC

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