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Guidlines and downloadable assets like the Hopium logo SVG


Hopium logo downloads are at the bottom of this page, but please be sure to read these guidelines first.

Although Hopium distributes some of its technology under open-source licenses, the Hopium and Hope brands are not distributed under the same licenses.

The following Hopium "Brand Assets" are copyrighted material, and you may only use them in accordance with the policy detailed below:

  • The Hopium and Hope logos, wordmark, icon

  • The Hopium name

  • Other visual assets produced by Hopium including but not limited to illustrations and 3d models

What you may do

You may use Hopium's Brand Assets when you are:

  • 👌 Referring to our products and services

  • 👌 Linking to our official site or products, such as "Trade our token on Hopium"

  • 👌 Announcing an official partnership, but only if you have official approval by a qualified member of the Hopium team

For information on other uses of our Brand Assets, please reach out at

What you may not do

While we strongly believe in and follow the open source ethos, protecting the Hopium brand is extremely important for our users' security, so that users know what is a genuine product/endorsement and what isn't.Here are a few examples of forbidden uses of our Brand Assets:

  • ⛔️ Don't use our Brand Assets in your products' name, logo, NFTs, etc.

    • For example, making an app called "Hopium Engine" or "HOPE Child" are not allowed.

    • Don't use the Hopium logo in whole or in part as part of your products' logos, marketing material, website, or other.

    • Logos with a strong resemblence to the Hopium Icon are also forbidden.

  • ⛔️ Don't use our Brand Assets to create digital or physcial products for sale, including but not limited to

    • Merchandise ("Swag")

    • NFTs

    • Other products

  • ⛔️ Don't create derivative names that imply official endorsement For example, don't make a social media group called "Hopium Italy" - this sounds official. "Hopium Fans of Italy" may be permitted.

  • ⛔️ Don't change or adapt our Brand Assets in any way Use the logos and other assets exactly as provided. Do not change the colors, reassemble, abbreviate, or change these assets in any way.

Use your common sense and creativity. If you want to make something relating to the Hopium ecosystem, make it your own.Have fun making a unique brand that's clearly yours -- if your product is strong, you won't need to rely on remixing Hopium's brand.

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