Smart Contracts

This page provides links or locations for Hopium's smart contracts.

Factory Contract info

Contract name: HopiumFactory Contract address: 0x95eF9160eAf07b5F47E758B6dC79Cc3076d8272B

View HopiumFactory.sol on GitHub.

View the Hopium: Factory contract on GdccScan.

Router Contract info

Hopium is based on pancake. Read the hopium documentation. For more in-depth information on the core contract logic, read the Hopium Core whitepaper.

Contract name: HopiumRouter Contract address: 0x98fB5C40B24C1759469DFE0c5436888422Ac3c8c

View HopiumRouter.sol on GitHub.

View the Hopium: Router contract on GdccScan.

Lockup Contract info

Contract name: Lockup Contract address: 0x7548279357C88574451742A1d40683051888c623

View Lockup.sol on GitHub.

View the Hopium : Lockup contract on GdccScan.

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