Hopium Locker

Hopium Locker is the most affordable, secure and intuitive liquidity locker for GDCC / GDCC-20 tokens. It can be used to easily lock liquidity created on Hopium.

Connecting Wallet

Wallets like Metamask will be detected and connected to automatically. For other wallets, please click on "Connect Wallet" button.

Once connected, it will show the connected account. In case of problems, please refresh the page.


You can lock your liquidity on Hopium for GDCC/ GDCC-20 tokens easily using Hopium Locker. Please ensure that your wallet is connected (see previous section)

Hopium Locks

You can withdraw, increase, extend and transfer your locked liquidity in an amazingly simple way with Hopium Locker


You can unlock and withdraw your LP tokens once the unlock time is reached. There is no fee for unlocking tokens.

Extend Lock Time

You can extend your lock period by setting a new time. There is no fee for extending lock period.

Increase Lock Amount

You can increase the amount of LP tokens locked.

Transfer Ownership.

You can transfer the lock ownership. The new owner will be able to manage the lock. You will no longer be able to manage it.

Manage Locks

You can browse through all the tokens that are currently locked with Manage Locker.


Is Hopium LP Locker secure?

Absolutely, 100+ projects are using the Hopium LP locker, you can browse through all the current locks.

What is the advantage of Hopium LP Locker?

Hopium Locker is the most affordable solution in the market. It has the most intuitive user interface to create and your manage lock. It is very secure and has no hidden agenda like promoting a utility token that many other lock providers have.

Is there a way to withdraw liquidity before unlock time?

There is absolutely no way to withdraw liquidity before unlock time from Hopium Locker.

What will happen when a new version of Hopium is released?

Hopium Locker supports migration to a new version of Hopium.

Hopium Locker recommends at least an 24 hours and ideally a 1 - or 2 -year lock period to provide necessary confidence to the investors.

Hopium Locker recommends at least 80% of liquidity is locked.

Why liquidity should be locked at all?

Locking liquidity provides the confidence to the investors that the token developers will not withdraw and run away with the liquidity money. This is now a standard practice that all token developers follow.

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